An accomplished financial professional and software developer with many years of experience, Boris Goldstein currently serves as Managing Director of the Pacific Venture Fund. In this role, Goldstein sits on the Board of Directors or Advisory Board of several major companies in the biotechnology sector, including BrainRX, Anti-Aging Factory, CureVir, and AtrioBio. He also lends his knowledge and expertise to a number of prominent companies in the oil and gas sectors, including Pacific Petroleum Technology, MCW Energy Group, and Nefco Petroleum. Boris Goldstein and his colleagues at the Pacific Venture Fund also provide service to companies in the alternative energy, minerals, high technology, and media sectors. Before joining Pacific Venture Fund, Boris Goldstein completed his Ph.D. at the Latvian Technical University. In 1991, he co-founded the diversified consortium Solby, which invested in a wide range of companies. Solby primarily focused on companies in the financial sector, including Trans Global Ventures, CBSF Group, and the International Financial Network. Thanks to the efforts of Goldstein and his associates, Solby grew to include more than 40 offices in 17 countries across the world. Leveraging this experience, Goldstein also encountered significant success in foreign exchange ventures at the helm of eForex, the first online foreign exchange trading tool available worldwide.Before founding eForex and co-founding Solby in the early 1990s, Boris Goldstein started his own software company in Latvia. One of the first private companies in the modern history of Latvia, Software House HT experienced a large measure of success in its early years, posting more than $1 million in profit by selling its products to banks and corporate enterprises. In particular, Boris Goldstein’s company sold software packages that catered to the needs of treasury departments and dealing desks.


Rigas Tehniska Universitate

BA, PHD in Applied mathematics

Jan 1980 - Jan 1983


Pacific Venture Fund


Nov 2007 - Present | San Francisco

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